Starting May 1, the Salty Dawg Rally will begin to assemble in North Sound in preparation for our departure from Nanny Cay on May 15.  On Thursday, May 2 we plan to be at Leverick Bay and go see Michael Beans perform on the Beach.  On Friday, May 3, we plan to go to the Beach Barbecue with a whole Pig Roast, watch the Mocka Jumbies perform and listen to the Live Entertainment by “Hard Core”.  While at Leverick Bay, enjoy $25 moorings, $35/n on the dock, any size boat, 10% off food purchases at the Chef’s Pantry, 15% off the upstairs dining room (food and drink) bottles of wine not included, 15% off food at the cove and beach bar(Beach Barbecue excluded), and 25% off drinks at the cove and beach bar (25% does not apply to the upstairs dining room or bottles of wine),

Then off to the Bitter End Yacht Club, Caribbean Home of the Salty Dawg Rally,  for Pizza Parties, a Dinghy Scavenger Hunt, around North Sound including Leverick Bay, Saba Rock, YCCS and then back to BEYC. On Thursday, May 9, we will have a Departure Dinner at the Bitter End Yacht Club.  While at the Bitter End Yacht Club, enjoy free moorings (May 1-10), 1st night at the dock free and $1/ft/n for additional nights, free use of pool, plus many other benefits. See Flyer (coming soon!)

May 10 -11, we head to Nanny Cay to begin getting ready for the trip North.  While at Nanny Cay enjoy a Pizza Party, a Party at Captain Mulligan’s and a departure Party with a Beach Barbecue.  Customs and Immigration will be at Nanny on May 14th to check the boats out of the BVI.  On May 15 the Dawgs will depart from Nanny Cay and the BVI to head North.

People who join the Salty Dawg Rally, who didn’t come down with the Rally this Fall, will enjoy $20 moorings at the Bitter End Yacht Club from the time you join until May 1, when they become FREE, as long as you are flying a Salty Dawg Burgee!

Need crew? Contact Hank Schmitt of Offshore Sailing Opportunities (OPO) at:

email: offshorepassage@sprintmail.com
Phone: 1 (800) 4PASSAGE

We will have Official Salty Dawg Rally Flags and Hats for sale to help defray the on-going costs of running the Rally.