A person’s cultural background should not be a hindrance to success and developing a sense of community and belongingness with the people around you. This is what we believe in here at Salty Dawg Rally. That is why we encourage you to join us at Salty Dawg Rally. We will explore the world together. You will find your true friends and family here.

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We might not have the same background and culture. There are other people who feel intimidated to join us because of this. But they say that those who know how it feels to be excluded offer the warmest welcome to their place. We believe and respect the fact that people have the choice to keep the traditions and values that they believe in and incorporate them into the new culture that they are exposed to. It is like maintaining a balance between the old and the new as long as you do not compromise the real you. It is important to get to know people from other culture. There should never be any judgment. We will then find out that our apprehensions are just misconceptions all along. The stereotypical notions that we hold are just labels and concepts influenced by the media to continue its senseless segregation of people from different parts of the world so that they can make business out of it. Members of Salty Dawg Rally come from different cultures and walks of life. We thrive in our diversity. We may all have different cultures but what matters is that we respect each other and accept the uniqueness in each and every one. Having intercultural competence will allow us to spread understanding, compassion, and unity. We should celebrate our diversity and work towards inclusivity to make this world a better place to live in.