As a child, my parents explained to me that the families in our neighborhood came from different countries which enlightened me to the differences in looks, customs, and traditions from ours. I was also brought up not feeling superior over other people from different cultural backgrounds. Eventually, I got to know them and made friends with their children. Through my regular interactions with them, I learned more about their cultures. This is the main reason why I am comfortable around people from other cultures (which comes in handy when managing different groups in the Salty Dawg Rally.) I had the opportunity to know more about their way of life which removed any misconceptions that I had. My Asian friends love to eat and invite people into their homes. The mix of Filipino and Chinese cuisine always appeals to my stomach although my mother finds it a bit salty for her taste. My African American friends are also nice. Their family is active in the Church and community service. A German couple also lives in our vicinity. They have a more serious impression but smiles when we greet them. They usually give children trinkets from their trips. I do not see any difference in the way we all behave in public. It makes our community a safe haven for all of us. In the same way, I hope to encourage more people to reach out and open up to others. This is such a beautiful world we live in. It is much happier to share precious moments with friends in the community. Here at Salty Dawg Rally, we hope to facilitate camaraderie among different people, people who did not know each other at the start but turned out to be lifetime friends later on. We hope to develop a strong sense of community wherein we celebrate our diversity and unity.