As a child, my parents explained to me that the families in our neighborhood came from different countries which enlightened me to the differences in looks, customs, and traditions from ours. I was also brought up not feeling superior over other people from different cultural backgrounds. Eventually, I got to know them and made friends with their children. Through my regular interactions with them, I learned more about their cultures. This is the main reason why I am comfortable around people from other cultures (which comes in handy when managing different groups in the Salty Dawg Rally.) I had the opportunity to know more about their way of life which removed any misconceptions that I had. My Asian friends love to eat and invite people into their homes. The mix of Filipino and Chinese cuisine always appeals to my stomach although my mother finds it a bit salty for her taste. My African American friends are also nice. Their family is active in the Church and community service. A German couple also lives in our vicinity. They have a more serious impression but smiles when we greet them. They usually give children trinkets from their trips. I do not see any difference in the way we all behave in public. It makes our community a safe haven for all of us. In the same way, I hope to encourage more people to reach out and open up to others. This is such a beautiful world we live in. It is much happier to share precious moments with friends in the community. Here at Salty Dawg Rally, we hope to facilitate camaraderie among different people, people who did not know each other at the start but turned out to be lifetime friends later on. We hope to develop a strong sense of community wherein we celebrate our diversity and unity.



A person’s cultural background should not be a hindrance to success and developing a sense of community and belongingness with the people around you. This is what we believe in here at Salty Dawg Rally. That is why we encourage you to join us at Salty Dawg Rally. We will explore the world together. You will find your true friends and family here.

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We might not have the same background and culture. There are other people who feel intimidated to join us because of this. But they say that those who know how it feels to be excluded offer the warmest welcome to their place. We believe and respect the fact that people have the choice to keep the traditions and values that they believe in and incorporate them into the new culture that they are exposed to. It is like maintaining a balance between the old and the new as long as you do not compromise the real you. It is important to get to know people from other culture. There should never be any judgment. We will then find out that our apprehensions are just misconceptions all along. The stereotypical notions that we hold are just labels and concepts influenced by the media to continue its senseless segregation of people from different parts of the world so that they can make business out of it. Members of Salty Dawg Rally come from different cultures and walks of life. We thrive in our diversity. We may all have different cultures but what matters is that we respect each other and accept the uniqueness in each and every one. Having intercultural competence will allow us to spread understanding, compassion, and unity. We should celebrate our diversity and work towards inclusivity to make this world a better place to live in.



One sociological theory of aging is the activity theory. This interactionist theory of the aging process states that older people need to be active because it is in this state where they can continue to promote the advancement of self and the society where they live in. Having a positive disposition on aging is important so that they can be motivated to remain active which will contribute to their overall well-being. The government program Healthy People 2020 aims to improve the health of all Americans. One of their health outcomes in public health related to the activity theory is to increase the proportion of older people who participate in easy to rigorous physical activities during their free time. This is in line with their objective to recover and enhance the health, purpose, and quality of life of older people. The agency believes that engaging in physical activities can help reduce the rate of chronic illnesses and injuries among older adults. They can take control of their health and become independent. Studies also show how physical activity significantly lowered the risk of impairment in cognition and dementia. They support and encourage exercise and outdoor activities. They reiterate the value of physical activity among older people as these are associated with a delay in the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. There are so many benefits to engaging in outdoor activities, especially for older persons. Aside from improving physical health, their social and emotional connections are enhanced by developing camaraderie and friendships with community members. There is an increased sense of community and belongingness. That is why we love having them around at Salty Dawg Rally. We value their contribution to our society and the hard work that they have exerted over the past years. It is time for our older persons to relax and enjoy themselves with the people who know their true worth.